There are many dance forms which are once combined creates magic on floor . Here are the super duper , fabulous ways —

  1. Superb Dance on Bollywood songs with Hiphop,locking ,break,twirl

Try it Out :)

  1. Fusion of Bhangra on any English Song

Examples can be Shape of You +Bhangra , Despacito + Jump movements of bhangra

2. Classical (Bharatnatyam or Kathak ) + Fast paced english songs

Try bharatnatyam on shape of You ,Cheap Thrills , Swalla ..You are going to love it .. :)

Try Kathak on Love me Like you do

3. Contemporary Dance on slow /medium Bollywood,Hollywood songs. Try this one on Kaise Hua — Add your own movements here.

4. Try your own Hiphop / slow ,fast dance steps on any different language songs . Try Jimki Kammal with your steps